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 Posted: Thu Jan 4th, 2007 03:34 pm
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First of all, the movie Gods and Generals is very accurate according to what I have learned.  Men who deserted were often executed by firing squad.  Now in some cases they were marched out of the camp in front of all their comrades.  This was sometimes considered worse than death because those men were now humiliated where ever they went.  Back then, being called a coward was a big time deal!

Now if you were in a battle, and you fled all by yourself into the woods, you may not receive the sentence of being a deserter, but you would be made fun of by your comrades if they had stayed and fought on.  I believe it was only in certain instances that men were considered deserters, say if your found at a general store in the next town with civilian clothes on...

Many who left the camp without permission and were found nearby were often subject to humiliating punishments that were meant not to kill you, but to make you think twice about trying to leave the camp for some fresh air without permission.

Now I may be wrong about some of these things, I'm trying to recall them from memory. 

If you want more information on the life of civil war soldiers try to find at your local library a book called: Hard Tack and Coffee: A Soldier's life in the civil war
 I believe that is the correct name... :?


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