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 Posted: Sat Jan 6th, 2007 02:41 am
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Lee built his rep on whupping up generals who didn't begin to approximate his abilities. Grant built his in very similar circumstances. When they finally met, Lee was beyond being able to put his best foot forward. Lee was a refined Jack Russell Terrier; Grant was a mongrel with a goodly percentage of pit bull. Lee's brilliance was best illustrated at Chancellorsville; Grant's at Vicksburg.

Doc mentioned Grant's tries at Vicksburg. Fair enough. But that was the essence of Grant -- keep working on it; if this doesn't work, try that -- he was inherently incapable of giving up or moving backwards. He did the same thing at Chattanooga and during the Overland Campaign. Occasionally brilliant, infrequently mistaken, always resolute.

I appreciate the argument that Grant whupped Lee only because Lee's army was much diminished by the time they faced each other. Lee's spectacular ability to out-general his overwhelming opposition came to an abrupt halt in May, 1864. Lee got a rude awakening with this new feller from the West. This new feller got a rude awakening when he met his match in the gentleman from Virginia.

If Lee had equal resources? Another 2 years of bloody hell. But he didn't. The rest is history.


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