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 Posted: Sat Jan 6th, 2007 08:01 am
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Well, I guess for me at least the question is kinda two fold as my birthday is a little over a week before Christmas. So I guess I'll just go with everything I either recieved or purchased with giftcards and money I recieved for both. The only thing I actually recieved was Volumes I and II of the Civil War Minutes: Conderate DVDs, and that was for my birthday. With some of the money I got for my birthday I purchased More Strange Tales of the Civil War by Michael Sanders. A Barnes and Nobel giftcard I got for Christmas resulted in my ordering Like Men of War: Black Troops in the Civil War 1862-1865 by Noah Andre Trudeau. And finally, with some cash I got for Christmas I bought God Rest Ye Merry, Soldiers by James McIvor. The funny thing on the last book is that at the time I purchased Mr. Sanders's book I saw Mr. McIvor's book and, based on the synopsis on the back, figured it was a Christmas novel set during the war rather than a non-fiction book. So I turned it down because I didn't want a novel, but picked it up the day after Christmas after actually looking at some of the actual book.

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