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 Posted: Fri Nov 4th, 2005 02:16 am
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I was born in Oct 1971 in Baltimore, MD. And when I was a kid, my grandma lived in Va, and was a history buff. Me I would have rather watched Star Trek reruns then. But as she would take me to places like Bull Run, and Gettysburg I started to also love the history. By the time I was 11, I wanted to reenact, but cost and the fact that I was to young to fight keep me away. I did not want to beat a drum. Well she got sick, and the trips were less and less. My teen years hit, and history was the last thing on my mind. So for many years I really did not think about it. Got married, and all the normal things you do. But about 7 years ago my grandma died, and I went on a trip around to the places in VA that she use to take me too. But my wife got me a use copy of Gettysburg from a videostore that was going out of business. Well I poped it in one afternoon, and started to really really miss Gettysburg the town. The very next weekend I took a trip there and refell in love with the town. The 2nd time there about a month or so later I walked in to a Yankee camp out my the PA monument. And just like when I was a kid, I got the bug to reenact. And the rest goes, I found a unit, joined. Did that for a while but found out that I had all of these family members who fought for NC, and I really wanted to do a NC impression. So I started a unit, the 57th North Carolina Co A, based on one of my family members units. Thats been over 3 years ago. We are still going strong. I still live in Baltimore, but I take a trip to Gettysburg 3 or 4 times a month. Just for lunch, or shopping for new gear, or just to go flagging at the NC monument. Yes it is a 1 and a half hour trip one way but I love that place so much that it feels like home to me.

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