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 Posted: Sat Jan 6th, 2007 06:36 pm
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I would also be interested in what changed PGT's initial aggressive nature at Shiloh to one of let's get back to Corinth asap.


The Army of the Ohio.

The evening of April 6th Beauregard was convinced that everything was going his way. He had conferred with several of his senior officers and all were convinced that the Confederates had won the day and tomorrows victory was assured. The prospect of Grant's being reenforced was dismissed sometime in the late afternoon when he had recieved a communication from Col. B. H. Helm that reported Buell's Army of the Ohio was marching toward Deactur, Alabama. In fact this was only O.M. Mitchell's division and not the entire army. Planning to resume the offensive in the morning he was surprised by a Federal advance with Grant on the Union right and Buell on the left. In his official report of the battle Beauregard stated that he had only 20,000 men on the 7th to resist the counterattack. Having enjoyed superior numbers the day before he was unable to stop the swelled Union ranks though through tough fighting and personaly leading a counterattack he was able to keep the Federals from over running his troops.

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