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 Posted: Sun Jan 7th, 2007 04:07 am
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Still Grant couldn't stand him and had to be thinking of him in his rear throughout this time.

McC apparently had Grant's trust 'though. He was given the lead position in the crossing and the responsibility to drive directly on Vicksburg while McP and Sherman moved inland to scare off JEJ. I don't think I'd characterize Grant's feeling for McC as one of "couldn't stand him." No. He didn't respect him and didn't want him around, but he felt the same about any conniving, disruptive commander in his army. Grant, and Sherman as well, would settle for nothing less than a smoothly functioning team. Rock the boat and you're out. McC riled McP and Sherman more than once and established in Admiral Porter a feeling very close to loathing,

Having the personal ear of Lincoln made McC virtually untouchable until he committed the sin that even Lincoln couldn't defend -- he ignored a regulation by issuing (and having published) his self-serving congratulatory message to his troops. Ooops!


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