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 Posted: Sun Jan 7th, 2007 04:28 am
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If there was an inexhaustable amount of troops then Grant would win.

Thanks for your input Swamp Shadow, welcome aboard!

Grant did have access to more troops than Lee, but it wasn't exactly inexhaustable. It's quite possible that Grant would have had to rethink his priorities if Lee's assets were equal to his. He wasn't just a bulldog incapable of anything but attacking head on with overwhelming force. Consider Vicksburg as an example, Pemberton and Johnston's forces together were roughly equal to Grant's. He caught them separated (thanks in no small part to Johnston's indecision), chased Johnston away and turned on Pemberton.

At Shiloh where he was on the defensive (admittedly unprepared and without entrenchments) he demonstrated a calm intensity and resolution. Much has been said of Sherman's calm demeanor during that battle, but I suspect that, without Grant being even calmer, Sherman might have lost it. So. Grant could defend as well as attack. Agreed?

Again. Welcome. Just reading is good. Engaging is even better because that makes a board active and attracts participants. I'm grateful that you've decided to participate.


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