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 Posted: Sun Jan 7th, 2007 07:20 pm
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Too many books too little time. 

Sigh. Know what you mean. Am currently struggling to reach the 25 percent level -- to have read one-quarter of the books on my shelves. These forums are a handicap. As of this minute I've been on line for 4 hours and 11 minutes. When Dear One gets home (I finagled her into going to Barnes & Noble) I will be obliged to show some reason I get to share this house with her. Doesn't leave much time for reading today.

Another handicap: I used to read quite fast -- well, a bit faster than the average. Since joining this and others, I've been checking footnotes and, when I have the cited source, checking the source. That severely cuts back the pages-per-hour rate.

Another handicap: Someone always recommends a book I feel compelled to read. Get it, maybe read it, probably add it to the stack. Rather than start another paragraph, I'll tack on another handicap to this one. In the year 10 BF (before forum) my interest was limited to battles, tactics, strategies and such. I've since had to read biographies, the Federalist Papers, homefront studies, diaries and all kinds of things I wouldn't have bothered with back then.

Well. I could be hanging around in bars.


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