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 Posted: Sun Jan 7th, 2007 08:02 pm
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Ole I can relate to all the reasons you gave.  I too have stacks to read , I not only buy books but our Round table has a book raffle each month to raise money for preservation.  I seem to come home with a book most months .  Then there is the book discussion group at the Drum and usually that book has to be read that month.  I am skipping the book this month.  It is by an author name Jaffa.  He is very dense ..  I read the first book by him we had on the reading list.  I swear I had headaches every night and had every dictionary and reference book I own out on the table next to me to look up reference.  This one is on the Lincoln Douglas Debate.  I am sure it is a good book but  I am more a social historian than a political one.  I like to read the biographies the most, then  diaries or personal narratives, then tthe battle narratives .  I like to read the biographies of the politicians but not so much the detail discussions .  I also get distracted by Western History .  I am first and foremost a Westerner.  I was born and raised in California by my father born in Idaho and at one time a cowboy, and a mother from Oklahoma with very southern roots but Oklahoma is also a Western State in so many ways

My college years and for many years after my reading in History was all Medieval and Rennaissance Englis history.  Everyonce in a while one of those books calls me too.

Then there is my abosolute addiction to several msytery authors and their detectives.   I guess I could have worse addictions . 

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