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 Posted: Sun Jan 7th, 2007 09:21 pm
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I found my O.Henry book . The  Book is called 41 Stories by O. Henry, catchy title huh?  Signet Classics.  There is a whole chapter of stories on Confederates in the book .The Rose of Dixie is outstanding as is a really funny story Two Renagades.  I always forget how well O. Henry wrote til I read another story by him.  The Gift of the Magi is of course the classic story and it is so well known you forget how well written it is .  Usually now you find it in the Children's section as a picture book. 

Last year  i read some of his Wild West stories including a Western Christmas story .  That is what led me to get this book.  By the way the clerk had no idea who he was and led  me finally to the O. Henry Short winners of the year book.  I politely told her that is not O. Henry's writing but people who were given an award for being outstanding writers LIKE O.Henry.  I ended up at a lovely second hand bookstore (read a jumble of books and boxes but organized too.  She not only knew who he was she send me down an aisle where I had my choice of books.  They each had wood block prints to illustrate the stories.   I found the story I was looking for .  Also found the Civil War section and California history section .  I left with an arm load..  I am not to be trusted in a bookstore. 

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