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 Posted: Mon Jan 8th, 2007 03:33 am
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Susan, oh, I do know what you mean about going to the bookstore.  Whenever I drive along the street past Borders Books, my car automatically turns in.  Even when I went Christmas shopping there, I ended up with several for myself.

I'm spending my old-age savings on books.  So I have two choices:  live until I'm 200 years old, in order to read them all, or die soon in order to have enough money left.

I can't imagine reading a book online.  How can I curl up in bed or stretch out on a recliner with a PC and monitor?  (No laptop here.)  Besides, I always take a book when I go out.  I never know when I might have to wait for something somewhere, so I just whip it out and get in a few more pages.

Some people find audio books satisfying while they drive.  I don't have a CD player in my car.  Besides, I like the FEEL of a book in my hand.  If I need to leaf back to find a paragraph, I generally remember whether it's on the left or right page, top half or bottom.  Can't do that with audio.  Also, I read faster than the book reader on the audio version.  I would go nuts waiting for the reader to move on, hurry up please.

Bibliophiles of the world, unite!


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