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 Posted: Mon Jan 8th, 2007 05:37 am
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Some people find audio books satisfying while they drive.  I don't have a CD player in my car.  Besides, I like the FEEL of a book in my hand.  If I need to leaf back to find a paragraph, I generally remember whether it's on the left or right page, top half or bottom.

Patty. Loud and clear. Stuff on the screen is handy and very accessible, but there is no substitute for the book. Riffling the pages, leafing back a page or two, dropping in an envelope or whatever else is handy as a bookmark while you make a snack or scrabble for a beverage. Can't beat the book. Have the ORs on CD, wouldn't trade that for anything, but I'd really rather have the book. On this screen you can't lean back on the recliner in your snuggies with the bankie adjusted just right and the light coming over your shoulder and lap up the pages. And with a book, as you said, you know were you saw it -- one or two pages back, left, bottom half.  On screen, where the hell did I see that? Start cursoring back. Have no idea where it was. Just keep scanning back. (Big sigh.) Love the book. Appreciate the screen, but it doesn't quite give the satisfaction of the book.


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