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 Posted: Tue Jan 9th, 2007 05:17 am
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Gen Gabriel Rains buried artillery shells rigged to explde at Williamsburg during the Penninsula Campaign. This perfidious act raised outrage on both sides. As his performance at Seven Pines was considered  flawed, he was reassigned to direct submarine defenses in the James and Appomattox Rivers. This caused some disturbance among the Confederate leaders so he was reassigned to run the Bureau of Conscription. By May 25, 1863, he was back at work placing mines around Richmond, Mobile and Charleston.

Apparently there came to a degree of acceptance, because they were planted quite liberally around Fort Pulaski. Sherman had the fort's personnel locate and dig them up. What really yanked his chain was the planting them in the roads or bridges over which his troops were marching -- that was barbaric. From that arose the stories of rounding up civilians and having them march ahead of the troops, or loading a flat car or wagonwith them and pulling it across bridges with a long rope.

Like you, I've not read where casualties were inflicted, but I do dimly recall a rather ugly discovery of the presence of mines at Williamsburg.


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