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 Posted: Wed Jan 10th, 2007 06:56 pm
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Ok Some Like Lee some Like Grant , some think Gettysburg is the end all to end all battles some Shiloh , Some like eastern theater some Western .

My Question is when you are crusin the local bookstore and you see that book on your fav subject what makes that Person or Battle your favorite?


So here are mine Favorite Civil war Person to read about:  Gen. Nathan Bedford Forrest  why you ask . He was a noneducated man with little money and became a millionare of his time , rose from PVT to Gen in rank and has some cool stories to tell, plus when Gen. Lee gives you props it demands attention, Also he had more guts than Patton :P and i mean that as a compliment of both.

Favorite Battle to read about: Shiloh I read the Fiction Book by Shelby Foote and it just Captured me and I read almost every book I see on it now.


Sorry if this is not serious enough it is a really boring day at work.


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