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 Posted: Wed Jan 10th, 2007 11:37 pm
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Both Generals were absolutely brilliant; giants among men when compared to most of their contemporaries.

Just to brush the surface.

Lee @ 2nd Manasas... as brilliant as they get.  Chanclorsville; while succesful I believe Luck was on his side.  Hooker blinked and lost.  Antietum & Gettysburg... not his finest hours by any means.  1864... whooo boy, everything that could go wrong did and he still did his best to work his magic.  I believe his greatest contribution to the survival of the ANV was the denial to the US Arty suitable terrain to bring to bear their overwhelming arty superiority.

Grant @ Henry Donelson... knew what need to be done and did it scooping up a CS Army in the process.  Shiloh... stood his ground and luck saved his keester.  Vicksburg campaign.. the most decisive of the War IMHO  Brilliant from start to finish.  Stiemied, blocked etc but never stopped in the end the CS was split in two.  1864... stiemied repeatedly and he never took his eyes off the prize.  Brilliant strategy in that he never took his eyes off the prize.

In the end it was a beautiful CHess match w/ Lee blocking several attacks but never evading that checkmate. 


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