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 Posted: Wed Jan 10th, 2007 11:43 pm
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The Small Arms of the day and the men who carried them; my father was a gunsmith for 20 years so I grew up w/ the scent of gun oil and wood smoke.  Then add going to every Legion meeting & function I could w/ my father.  It always amazed me how much was said by those men while I was in the room.  Must have been because I was so quite sitting in the corner w/ a Louis LaMour in my hands.  I usually stopped reading when the War 2 vets started talking about things.

I learned about the weather in Normandy while trying to figure out how to murder the guy who planted all those damned hedgerows, how to pop the cover off the alcohol filled gunsight on a AAA piece and the process to turn it into decent liquor (they were certainly nuts to even think about drinking that), what the men really thought about K Rations... who in the company was best at getting girls, language barrier be damned and many other everyday things that made life life in the army during WW2.  I guess I'm interested in the same things from the ACW.  THey were men living from day to day.

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