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 Posted: Thu Jan 11th, 2007 02:29 am
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Johan Steele wrote: Borders or Barnes & Noble?  Posh.  Real economy minded gluttons for punishment frequent Library sales and the all powerful all corrupting Half Price Books.

Books on tape are a godsend to people like me... 20+ hours of driving a week.  You can only listen to so much talk radio, music etc.  Publilc Libraries and their racks of Books on CD & Tape plus the ability for interlibrary loan make it possible to pass the time.

My version of cheap books is to go to and see if the book I want is available used. I have had pretty good luck with used books there. Sometimes, though, I am too impatient to wait for a book to arrive so I intrepidly run into B&N kidding myself that I will be able to resist the books calling out to me and leave with just one.

One thing helps me resist. It seems as if suddenly Civil War books have shot up in price. Some run over $30.00 a book and I don't mean the coffee table picture books...just regular text and a few maps and photos type books are now in the high $20s and even well into the $30s. That high altitude is too rich for my blood.

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