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 Posted: Thu Jan 11th, 2007 03:49 am
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The biggest factor was cost and reliability w/ both the Spencer and Henry costing 3-5 times of a single M1861 and the brass rimfire ammunition costing at least triple that of a .58 paper cartridge.  Bueracrats are notorious penny pinchers when it comes to saving someone elses hide...

In stopping power and Ballistics neither the Henry or Spencer were all that impressive and both were considerably shorter ranged than the M1861 or P53.  But they made up for those shortcomings w/ the ability to put forth some serious firepower.

Men of Wilder's Brigade at Chickamauga, the 7th IL VI at Atlanta and Altoonna and Custer's Wolverines at Gettysburg to name just a few thought several monthes paycheck for a Spencer or Henry was well worth the investment when they knew they were bound for the Sharp End and they proved the worth of that investment.

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