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 Posted: Thu Jan 11th, 2007 03:52 am
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From what I have read the Battle of Palmetto Ranch down in Texas was the last LAND battle of the war.  The Shenandoah was the last SEA battle. 

Ole check out some of the Sea battles they are really interesting.  Ed Cotham has a book called the Battle for the Bay on the Battle of Mobile bay that is really good.  He also has one on Sabine Pass.  We had him as a speaker at the West Coast Round Table conference a year ago.  Not only was he interesting he was an entertaining speaker.  His books read as entertaining and enligthening as he was.  He even did a power point presentation with little cannons firing from real pictures . 

Farragut and the Battle of Moble is so interesting just  because of the charachter of Farragut .  What an interesting man .  Our first Admiral. 

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