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 Posted: Thu Jan 11th, 2007 03:55 am
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Smith Carbine


                The Smith Carbine was the fourth most common Carbine in Federal service during the Civil War with more than thirty thousand issued.  The Smith was a simple and reliable weapon similar in operation to modern break open single shot rifles and shotguns.  The .50 caliber bullet pushed through three grooves was very effective.  It was originally intended to utilize a reusable hard rubber cased cartridge; though they also used a brass cartridge.  The most common complaint was that after rapid firing the cartridge became quite difficult to extract.  Regardless the men who carried them thought the cost of $24 per Carbine as money well spent.

                When it comes to Civil War Carbines the Smith and Sharps are usually compared; with the Sharps usually edging over the Smith in popularity due to the reliability of the Sharps.  Though the Smith had a reputation for better accuracy... this is arguable.

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