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 Posted: Thu Jan 11th, 2007 05:17 pm
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I notice that one book you simply must have is missing. If you like reading about the personalities, I've never read a more interesting one than Sherman's Civil War; Selected Correspondence....., edited by Brooks Simpson and Jean Berlin. This is a massive book -- right on 900 pages not including intro, acknowledgements, index and endnotes.

The first letter is dated November 30, 1860 and the last is May 30, 1865. Included are letters to his wife, brothers, children, friends, politicians, other generals, local administrators under military supervision and more. But you aren't left trying to figure out the reasons for his writing. The editors group the letters (in chronological sequence), and provide a preface to each grouping outlining the national or personal context in which the letters were written.

From your post, I believe you will start this book and refuse to leave it until finished. Despite it's size, it was not expensive -- I got my hardback copy for a little over $10 through One more thing: I was pleased with the absence of psycho-babble -- here's what he wrote; make your own judgement. Trust me, you will never look at Sherman in the same way again.


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