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 Posted: Sun Jan 14th, 2007 09:12 am
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Alamance Battleground. Spent a lot of good times there in my youth.

Oh wait, you meant Civil War battlegrounds, not pre-Revolutionary. I've visited Petersburg, Fort Morgan (Mobile Bay), Appomattox Courthouse, Durham Station, Berkley Plantation, and Fredricksburg that I can remember or remember being informed of. Of these I've been informed that we visited Appomattox Courthouse and Durham Station when I was very young and will have to take my parent's word for that. Don't really remember Fort Morgan all that much as the same day we visited the fort we also visited BB-60 USS Alabama and SS-228 USS Drum. I was taken more with the warships to be perfectly honest. So really it's Petersburg, Berkley Plantation, and Fredricksburg, and I'm not sure which I liked more.

Berkley Plantation was the first stop we made during our summer vacation of '86, as I recall. The main building still had a cannon ball lodged in it from the war, and to my eleven year old mind at the time that was pretty cool. Then you had Harrison Landing on the plantation where Gen. Butterfield is said to have written Taps, and I seem to remember a marker of the site where he was supposed to be when he did so. That was also pretty cool.

Petersburg was the last place we visited on that vacation. I think that was pretty much a favor to me cause as we were packing to leave the hotel that morning I slipped in the bathroom and hit my head on the shower wall, bad enough to actually start bleeding but not enough to require a trip to the ER. I wanted to stop and we did. Fact is, we might have stopped there anyway as far as I know, but it seems like it was because of what happened to me in the morning.

Anyway, what I remember most about Petersburg was being able to walk down into the Crater area and check out the mine as best as possible around the boards they had nailed up. Then seeing some folks dressed up eiter as Union or Confederate soldiers on the way out and being able to talk with them (I'm not sure I want to call them re-enactors as I'm not sure if they were park employies or not)

Fredricksburg was quite a bit more recet, either '97 or '98, and was part of the last real vacation I've been on. I went down with my parents to visit with my baby sister. She's active duty and was stationed in the area at the time. The only things we wanted to do then was to visit DC and see some of the Smithsonian museums and hit Fredericksburg. Again, it was the last place we really visited on that vacation as we ended up having to hit BWI for our flight later that same day. The things I really remember were seeing a piece of hardtack that was supposedly vintage in the visitor's center and seeing the Kirkland statue.

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