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 Posted: Sun Jan 14th, 2007 11:34 am
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I have to agree Shiloh is my favorite. The irst trip I arrived just as two rangers were walking out of the visitors center .  I started to cry  They told me I could stay just not visit the center.  It was a very strange feeling driving around the battlefield being the only one there .  Some of the monuments had major shadows on them which made them haunting .  At the time this was the second battlefield I had been to  if you don't count a trip in 78 s to Bull Run which was crammed in to a visit to Washington D.C.  The first battlefield on the trip where I also visited Shiloh was Pea Ridge.  That was my first real visit .  There is only one monument in the whole Battlefield and no bookstore at the visitors center just a few items at the Ranger desk.  I thought all battlefields would be like that .  Then I got to Shiloh with all the monuments. 

I have since been back to Shiloh and have been to many other battlefields it is still my favorite. 

Smaller places I  have been that were moving were Saylor's Creek and Brice's Crossing, again I was the only one there , not a ranger or visitor anywhere around .  Wilson's Creek again very rural and no monuments except one to Lyon. 

The battlefield that touch me greatly was New Market.  Seeing the film in the VMI Hall of Valour had me in tears .  Going out to the Field of Lost Shoes then really got to me. 

Actually each battlefield I have visited has left a mark on me .  The emotion a talk with a ranger , a chat with another visitor or renenactor a tour guide that took me around , a monument that grabbed my emotions, 

Being on the west coast getting to the battlefields is not an easy trip so it tends to be a whirlwind of visiting but the interesting thing is they do not blend together  each sticks out strongly in my mind.  I don't mix them up. 

I also have been lucky enough to visit most of the battlefeilds when I was almost the only one there.  Several I was the only person there.  That makes it a very personal visit. 

Having said all of that SHILOH, Go to SHILOH and take Tom up on his offer. 

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