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 Posted: Mon Jan 15th, 2007 02:14 pm
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I'm responding to the original question on this thread.  I think that when you measure both Lee's and Grant's strengths and weaknesses as Generals, they truly are matched and it is not possible to say one was better than the other.  Grant won a surrender from Lee because of the unbalanced amount of men, provisions, money, etc.  Well, if not for that, would the war have ever ended?  I don't think there would have been a civilized country left !  

 And JDC Duncan said "who would you rather have your daughter date?" implying Lee would be the better choice.  From the letters each man wrote to their wives, and the wives to them, Grant had a better marriage and was more in love with his wife, at least in my opinion.  I was surprised to find this out while reading biographies on them.

Also, Lee was born into wealth and privilege, and Grant quite the opposite.  Makes the story very interesting.  Makes me wonder a little if things would have been different at all if they had more similar upbringings.

Fascinating men and a fascinating time, to say the least.

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