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 Posted: Tue Jan 16th, 2007 10:19 pm
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Doc I stood at the top of the steps at Antietam on the Bloody Lane talking to a woman from Texas .  We both were talking and crying as we looked at the lane.  Neither one of us could go down the steps and put our feet on the lane.  We didn't feel we deserved to stand on the actual ground of the lane.  She was a stranger but we made a bond that day honoring the dead of the Bloody Lane.

Later on that day I started down the walk to Burnsside's Bridge from the parking area.  Met a couple from Georgia.  We walked and talked as we went down to the bridge.  The wife looked up the hill as we went down and said no wonder he was held here a few good Georgia Sharpeshooers is all that would be needed.  Now at this time I was still a newby to study in depth of he Civil War.  I was like a sponge for information.    We explored everything on he way down, talked about the bridge, then eventually I said goodbye and went back up the hill .   

The Gardner photo in the visitor's center with the quote about war was another emotional event.  I asked the ranger if they had copies of the quote but they said no so I asked permission to copy it.  I did. 

I write all this now from the left coast .  I am chomping at the bit to get back east again!!!!!

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