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 Posted: Wed Jan 17th, 2007 03:02 am
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Writer Steven Woodworth in his book "Jefferson Davis and His Generals" which I have before me because I referred to it in another thread tonight, says that a "stray bullet" hit Johnston's right calf a few inches below the knee severing a major blood vessel. At that moment Johnston was on horse back in front of a regiment of Tennesseans at the Hornet's Nest. He was right beside Governor Isham Harris who took him to relative shelter. No doctor was nearby.

Woodward does not discuss whether the fatal shot could have been from friendly fire. He is more concerned with how the war might have been different if Johnston had lived and maintained overall command of the Western Department. 

My own theory for what it is worth is that in the Hornet's Nest, it might have been  well nigh impossible to know where bullets came from, especially given that the general's horse having been hit twice probably was unsteady and moving around.

As for the regiment closest to Johnston at the time, it was a regiment of Tennesseans, but I don't know the exact one.


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