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 Posted: Wed Nov 9th, 2005 06:17 pm
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Ed has given tours at Glorietta.

Chivington and his men rode approximately 200 miles by horseback from the Denver mining camp towns to get to Glorietta.

Some good books on this, plugging my alma maters' press are:

Don Frazier's "Blood and Treasure" (he says Sibley was going to California, he also is a wonderful and humorous speaker if you get a chance to hear him)

and Don Albert's "The Battle of Glorietta" (he mentions my buddy's grandfather who was known locally as "Padre Polaco" (real name Alexander Grzelachowski).   A former Catholic priest from Poland he quit the preisthood to marry a Mexican girl raise a family and run a general store at Puerto De Luna, NM.  He led Chivington and his men over the mountain to the Confederate supply trians.  After the war he was a confidante of Billy the Kid).

If you are just intersted in the Colorado men and what they did read:

William Whitford's "Colorado Volunteers in the Civil War" it is more dated (1909) but still interesting.

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