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Pvt. John A. Cockrill of the 9th Illinios Infantry (possibly the closest Union regiment to where General Johnston was) wrote about the fighting in that sector.

 "Fire from the enemy in our front...became so terrible that we were driven back into the ravine...We could load our pieces, crawl up the bank of the ravine, and fire and fall back...But many poor fellows who crawled up...fell back, dead or wounded. ...As I was crouched down loading my piece, a man who had been struck above me, fell on top of me and died by my side...I kept firing as long as my cartridges lasted. These gone, a fierce sergeant, with a revolver in his hand, placed its muzzle close to my ear, and fiecely demanded why I was not fighting. I told him that I had no cartridges. 'Take cartridges from the box of the man there', he said, pointing to the dead man who had just fallen upon me. Mine was an Enfield rifle, and my deceased neighbor's cartridges were for a Springfield rifle."

Pvt. John Green of the 5th Kentucky recorded,

"We swapped our very indifferent guns for their splendid Enfield rifles."

Author Wiley Sword contends that the bullet that killed Johnston was from an Enfield and therefore was probably fired by a Confederate.  Sorta shoots that theory full of holes. :cool:

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