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 Posted: Sun Jan 21st, 2007 04:06 am
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Again, I think both would have said yes about negotiations. The reason I think the question is flawed, however, is that both men would have known that there was no way to negotiate out of the problem. By the time Davis was president, the confederate government had been formed and was seperate from the U.S. That was what they were fighting for, and I don't think the confederate government would be willing to negotiate its demise. War could have been avoided, but it would have meant the Confederacy would be allowed to exist. Lincoln, on the other hand, perhaps could have negotiated early wih the first few states that left the Union, but it would meant the continuation of Slavery in the United States and its possible expasnion if there was to be peace.

If your question is simply to reveal the character of the two men, I think it is a fair question. I think both men would answer yes (especially Davis, southerners ended up dieing for what?)

Your whole line of questioning seems to be a criticism of Jefferson Davis, and this is why I responded about your question. The same questions (with exception of picking generals in the west) you ask of Davis you can ask of virtually any confederate. What of Cleburne? He fought for states rights, or the right to keep slaves as you say, despite the fact he mentioned the possibility of arming the slaves.

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