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 Posted: Mon Jan 22nd, 2007 01:50 am
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I have little interest in talking to high muckitty muck politicos... might be that I think few were worth their weight in used cat litter.  In fact the only politician from that era that I think I would like to speak w/ would be BlackJack Logan.

I would like to speak w/ NB Forrest just to see if he really has received a raw deal from history as some suspect or if he really was as much of as an SOB as others suggest.  Either way he was one hell of a fighting man.

Then their would be Emory Upton.  I'd like to speak to him just prior to his graduation from West Point and again just after the ending of the Selma campaign.

Then of coarse there are a few men in the 3rd IA & 4th MN VI's, 4th AL VI and probably a man or two in the 1st TN VI that fill a lifetime of interviews.  Sorry if I have a tendency to discount high ranking officers... I come from a long line of enlisted men.

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