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 Posted: Mon Jan 22nd, 2007 07:14 pm
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I've not had the chance to visit any of the Western Battlefields......yet.

My favorites in the Eastern Theatre are:

Manassas (My first introduction to hands-on history was here as a small boy and it holds a LOT of memories for me as my mother and I walked that field over and over).

Malvern Hill - Basically unchanged since the war.  A great place to go to find quiet and contemplate the history of the place or anything else for that matter.  This is also one of my kid's favorite places since they get to walk around with no one else in sight much of the time.

Petersburg - just a lot here, from the visitors center to the trails.  I'd have to include Pamplin Historical Park here.  Costs a bit to get in but well worth the expense, especially when they have their living history folks there.

May I ask where your avatar was taken?  I can't be sure, but it looks like one of the locations along Gettysburg's confederate lines that I visited a couple years ago.

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