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 Posted: Fri Nov 11th, 2005 03:54 pm
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Carhart's book is loosely based on extremely flimsy evidence. Basically he asserts that Pickett in the center, Johnson on the left and Stuart in the USA rear were to deliver simultaneous assaults.

Johnson was getting nowhere on Culp's Hill, Stuart was failry easily rebuffed and Pickett was destroyed by artillery and a lesser amount of infantry. There is no cotemporary evidence that any of these men, or their immediate superiors,  felt they were acting in concert.

Battles are not won in frontal attacks by 3 divisions of infantry and 1 of cavalry.

Unfortunately, Carhart manipulates available evidence and makes up more to bolster his thesis. Where conversations do not exist, he makes them up. I belive the term for this is 'fiction'...



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