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 Posted: Wed Jan 24th, 2007 01:50 pm
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Cast iron indeed.  Good idea about using it to cook on.  Somewhere I read about this topic, but don't ask me the source.  The men soon found the armor was too heavy, too uncomfortable, and, worst of all, not much good.

Think of the knight's armor in the Goode Olde Days of Yore.  It had flexible joints, but still every time you twisted, the armor didn't twist with you, so your bones bumped into that steel; blisters, bruises, and calluses.  How hot did it get inside that portable furnace?  What to do when you need water or have to pee?  Fighting on horseback in that rig must have been a nightmare.  And of course, trying to get up after you've fallen, well, forget it.  No wonder the longbow beat out the lance.

Hm.  The technologies of the metallurgists and armorers were the most advanced of the day.  They could make wonderful things that were expensive and admirable, but not very user-friendly.  Sadly, the whole idea was flawed, and the products crashed often.

Why does this remind me of Windows?



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