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 Posted: Sat Nov 12th, 2005 11:00 pm
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I am greatly enjoying Mr. Croker's book as well.  He is a gifted writer.  I'm up to page 130 and am impressed.  He's trashed McClellan pretty good so far, which I expected since he's relied on Stephen Sears like most people do (I'm one of the few with a more positive view of Mac).  Instead of relying on Sears, I wish Mr. Croker had been guided by Joseph Harsh's Taken At The Flood, which is a more rigorously accurate treatment of the 1862 Maryland Campaign.  Aside from that, my only quibble with Croker is that I wish he'd been more factually accurate in a few places.  At pp. 105-06, he describes Lee and Jackson crossing the Potomac at White's Ford on September 4, 1862.  There was no crossing of the Potomac by Confederates at White's Ford on September 4th.  D.H. Hill's command crossed that day, but at three other fords up river.  Jackson's command crossed at White's Ford on the 5th, but Lee was not with him.  I believe Lee crossed on the 6th.  In addition, more than 40,000 Confederates crossed the Potomac, even by Sears' count.  Also, at p. 116, Croker describes Lee riding into Poolesville.  Lee was never in Poolesville - only Stuart's cavalry went to Poolesville.  Minor stuff, I know.  Plus I need to keep in mind that it is fiction....  Can't wait to get back to this book!    

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