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 Posted: Wed Jan 24th, 2007 07:20 pm
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There's an interesting passage in Ray's - Shock Troops of the Confederacy by Lucious Crittenden, a sightseeing Washington bureaucrat touring the battlefield shortly after the fighting ended around Fr. Stevens. "near a large fallen tree lay one (southern sharpshooter) in the uniform of an officer. His sword was by his side, but his hand grasped a rifle. What could have sent an officer to act as a sharp-shooter?" he wondered. Chritenden put his hand on the man's chest to see if he was still alive, and was surprised to find that he was wearing " a sheet of boiler-iron, moulded to fit the anterior portion of his body, and fastened at the back by straps and buckles.." The armor had failed its purpose, however, since "directly over his heart, through the body, was a hole large enough to permit the escape of a score of human lives. A wound that large was probably caused by artillery fire.

Doc C

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