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 Posted: Wed Jan 24th, 2007 10:43 pm
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The Kepi were actually issued to very few union units w/ far more use in CS service.  What was issued was the Forage Cap... it was the regulation wear and was more enforced in the AoT & other button polishing units.


Hardee/Jeff Davis/ 1858 Dress hats were issued to many units and were generally discarded because they weren't all that comfortable until broken in & more comfortably shaped.  Many men "acquired" various types of slouch hats from local civilian sources, some bought them through conventional means and many simply beat their Hardees into submission... worked on the CS General too.


As a note; the US Army was very visionary in 1860 when it came to uniforms & Accoutraments.  They were by and far the most comfortable to wear of any army in the world.  On the Continent if a uniform looked good but was as uncomfortable as all hell it was being worn correctly.  Campaign experiance on the frontier proved one thing: a good looking corpse is still a corpse.  They also learned that functional was considerably less expensive than pretty. 

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