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 Posted: Thu Jan 25th, 2007 01:23 am
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Ole, afer telling you that I had spent my book budget this month I just got a coupon from Dover publications.  That and free shipping got me in real trouble today.  I am so bad.  I ordered a bunch of books.  Mostly Civil War .  I got a clipping book with cd rom to use with Newletter I put out for our Round table here in Orange Country.  I also ordered some Stephan Crane and Ambrose Bierce that I don't have .  Kate Chopin short stories  Civil War poetry , and ca couple of phot and etching books.  AND WIdow I took you lead and order Riders of the Purple Sage.   Their books are so inexpensive and some were on sale and the 10 dollars off and free shipping and I spent 50 dollars for 60 dolalrs worth of books and have 15 some books coming . Going to re organize the shelves again.  It is an addiction I tell ya.  But better than some others I can think of. 

I have never read Kate Chopin but I thought it was time.


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