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 Posted: Thu Jan 25th, 2007 04:59 am
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Fan: Saber strikes were not particularly threatening to the chest. If you're going to whack at somebody with a saber (not usually fatal, but really, really scary) the head and shoulders are the likely object. The result of a saber slash was, more often than not, a scar. (Among the Prussian military, you didn't get far without a really good facial scar.)

The saber is a fearsome weapon. It was not designed to pierce or hack but to slash. Its purpose was not to kill but to frighten. (Frightening is better. The running opponent takes others with him; the dead ones do not.)

Whatever. The breastplate was sold to a few fools with a few dollars on his person. They didn't last much longer than the first 20 miles. In marches where soldiers discarded their greatcoats, haversacks, blankets, ground sheets and even muskets, you gotta know that a cuirass was the first to be jettisoned.


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