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 Posted: Sat Jan 27th, 2007 01:48 am
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I'm just about to finish listening to a civil war book-on-tape called "Stars in Their Courses--The Gettysburg Campaign" by Shelby Foote.  Listening to it has been another incredible experience in a chain of experiences since I first toured the battlefield at Gettysburg almost one year ago.  Hearing Mr. Foote's voice as he reads his work has been pleasurable in, and of, itself--it's a voice that completely draws me into the words being spoken.  And then the story, as he tells it, amazes me as I don't think anything else ever has.  It gave me new perspectives, not only of the battle and the civil war, but of life in general too.  One other thing that I am so amazed by is how it is possible for us to know so many details of events that happened in the past down to things like what time it started to rain, what type of rain fell, what so many people specifically said to each other throughout the day, exactly what part of each soldier's bodies were hit with bullets, etc. etc.  I am so looking forward to walking some battlefields again this summer when I have a chance to travel (I'm a teacher luckily) because of the works like Foote's that I have come across the past few months.  I also feel the need to "give back" somehow, so I have joined the Friends of Gettysburg and contacted them to see how I can help clear brush or paint a fence or something.  The posts here on this board are also very interesting and helpful reading--I read them every day or so, thanks all who write and take care !!

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