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 Posted: Sat Jan 27th, 2007 04:33 pm
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Hey folks, I just recived this email from Larry.

We just got word from our local Police Dept. that the thief has been apprehended, here in Concord, while driving a stolen van loaded with items he had taken during a series of multiple burglaries thruout the area. The Police tell us that the CW material (gun & pipe) and other personal items are all intact, but it will take a few days before we and others can go and ID the itmes and bring them home.
We really appreciate your support and the ssupport of the CW community during this short but emotional experience.There was a lot of soul searching as the Police thought it had to be an inside job, so they quizzed us on friends, family etc. Of course we still don't know if the person is someone we mite know, that will come later I guess. Take care, big Hi to Nita .

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