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 Posted: Sat Jan 27th, 2007 04:58 pm
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Johnny Huma
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I think it is great that you are getting involved as a Friend of Gettysburg Member..Have wanted to do it myself and cannot work into my schedule time to give it a good effort. I always donate to the monuments when I am there and I have bought a brick on the square with my name on it but that is very little help and one wishes he could do more. I am reading the Shelby Footes 3 volume series on the CW and I am getting close to finishing the first one..They are big books with a load of information that I am sure one needs to read 3 times to retain it all...They are written with a great flow and keeps the events moving as they happend. One interesting fact that I did not know is that Stuart was fighting against his Father-in-Law in Peninsula Campagin and said that his Father-in-Law (whom's name I cannot recall at the moment) would regret that he went to the Union side only once..And that would be continuous...Little things like that that Shelby Foote puts in his material makes it all the more interesting when you are reading about what happened and brings the war a little more personal to all of us who did not witness it. He draws the picture in our minds eye for us to see it and that is what I love about his storytelling..

I now will have to check out "Stars in their courses" :) and add it to the never ending library....



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