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 Posted: Sun Jan 28th, 2007 02:44 am
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Huma, Foote's trilogy was the first Civil War history that I ever read.  I was drawn to it after seeing him on an episode of Civil War Journal, called "Yank vs. Reb: The Foot Soldier's Life."  (History Channel).  His face and Mississippi accent - well, I couldn't resist.  So now I've read it twice, and use it as my basic reference.  Superbly written.

Sometimes I have one of Foote's volumes open to a map related to a particular event, along with the Virginia state road map, and a street map of Spotsylvania County (for ex.), while I'm studying one or two books on the same event.  Sometimes I go for weeks without seeing my dining table.  :=))

I never did this much research for ANYTHING when I was in college.  And to think I'm doing this for fun.


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