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 Posted: Sun Jan 28th, 2007 08:39 am
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Johnny Huma wrote: I think the AOP has to give credit to Little Mac for whipping the troops into a real Army..He was good at that..The men loved him and trusted him...But pinkerton reports and other bad scouting reports always led him to believe he was outmanned and outgunned. So in that case he cried to Washington for more and more troops. I really think Little Mac was a legend in his own mind. He was a bit full of himself and a do nothing General. Had he had the backbone to fight his army he may have well been one of the greats..But he didn't and was often time out Generald on the field. His name is better suited for history as a smaller version of the Big Mac...


Hi :)  There is a biography By Ethan Rafuse; "McClellan's War" that ,among other things, argues that Little Mac's political views helped shape his personality and generalship. It's pretty good actually. Overall I would agree with Huma's comments. Incidentally I read Mr. Bonnenkamper's book on Grant; "A Victor Not A Butcher". I liked it generally.  His lecture should be interesting.

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