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 Posted: Tue Jan 30th, 2007 05:57 pm
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Albert Sailhorst

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My opinion on Forrest: One of the BEST!!.....

He kept the Yankees occupied because they kept sending out expeditions to catch him, and he whupped'em everytime!!... He caused millinos of dollars in damages to the enemy....He, for a while, had his own "Navy" (which again kept the enemy busy!). He "charge'em both ways!" to get out of being surrounded.... He didn't  surrender his command at Ft Donelson....He financed the equipping of his unit....He was the only man in American History to go from Buck Private to Lt Gen. in the course of one war.....His men respected him, his enemies feared him, perhaps, like no other soldier on either side....

Just my opinion....


Albert Sailhorst, Scott's TN Battery

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