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 Posted: Fri Feb 2nd, 2007 09:40 pm
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Brian Downey

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Cool observation.  I have noticed more attention too.  For one, I'm glad to see reapraisal of all kinds of Civil War stereotypes, McClellan's included.  

sjh wrote:
What will revisionists come up with next? Maybe that Fredericksburg was a Union victory or that Franklin was a Confederate triumph?
I hear "revisionists" as written here pronounced with a sneer in it. I don't know if that was your intent.

I don't think people arguing McClellan was more than just a coward or an idiot correlates with denying an obvious defeat like Fredericksburg. 

Constantly looking at the source material and questioning (or affirming) previous conclusions is a good thing.  Without revisionism it's just Mythology, not History.

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