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 Posted: Sat Feb 3rd, 2007 09:03 am
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Forrest was certainly an excellent field commander. I have always been hesitant about comparing men like Forrest and Mosby to men like Grant or Lee. The responsibilities and nature of commanding so radically different forces makes it so difficult.

I will say this about Forrest though, he planned and executed the most brilliant single battle of the civil war IMO (Brices crossroads). It was as close to perfection as a battle strategy can be and was executed extraordinarily well. Like Shelby Foote said (recounting a quote by a contemporary), Nathan Bedford Forrest was born to be a soldier like John Keats was born to be a poet.

He also had more great quotes, and more great quotes about him, than any other man in the civil war. Classics like these two never get old to me, they always make me at least chuckle:

"If you were any part of a man, I would slap your face and force you to resent it!" Nathan Bedford Forrest to his commanding officer, Braxton Bragg

"I'll officer you!", Forrest to one of his men as his pulled out his sword when the soldier attempted unsuccessfully to convince Forrest that, because he was an officer, he shouldn't have to do the labor enlisted men were doing.





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