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 Posted: Mon Feb 5th, 2007 10:23 pm
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Earlier today I came across more information about these sharpshooters while looking at a book about CW weapons.  Yes, the monuments I saw must be from Berdan's regiment.  The book said that July 2, at Gettysburg, was the first chance he had to "show what his men could do."  He had financed his own regiment and provided them with  Colt 50-caliber Sharps, open-sight, breech-loading rifles.  According to the book, the sharpshooters "repelled a much larger force of Confederates for a crucial 20 minutes...a delay which gave Union defenders valuable time to reinforce critical points on their line."  It also said that, "the battle in Pitzer's Woods showed that a few men armed with breechloaders could be more than a match for a far larger force armed with old-fashioned muzzleloaders."

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