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 Posted: Wed Feb 7th, 2007 08:10 pm
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   The question of when the last Civil War veteran died is still a great controversy. On the Union side, it is fairly certain that the last veteran to die was Albert Woolson (1847-1956). He was with the 1st MN Heavy Artillery.

   On the Confederate side, the generally accepted individual is Walter Williams (1842-1959). However, there is great doubt that Williams was born in 1842, or was even old enough to have been in the war. He may have been born as late as 1854. If Williams' claim is false, then there is John  Salling (1846-1959). According to Census data, he was born in 1856, not 1846. The next claim was that of William Lundy (1848-1957), but his date of birth has also been questioned. If Salling and Lundy are false, then the last Confederate was Thomas Riddle (1846-1954).

   If Riddle was the last Confederate, then Albert Woolson on the Union side was also the last Civil War veteran to die.

   Here is a source that might be useful.


Last surviving United States war veterans - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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