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 Posted: Thu Feb 8th, 2007 12:09 am
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Just finished Carmichael's book. Interesting study of a sub group of Virginian individuals, taken primarily from the last generation of planter/plantation owners sons prior to the onset of the cw. Slavery as an issue was not even discussed, it was a given to these individuals - beyond discussion. The main issue's for this generation were the sad state of Virginia prior to the cw, lagging behind the north in terms of economic/intelectual development, the "old foggies", i.e. Jubal Early, etc. which held to the premice of the cavalier society thus holding back Va to it's full potential, lack of economic potential for their generation leading to migration to other slave states, hope to attain the spirit of revolutionary ancestors - Washington, Jefferson, lack of religion in the north/abolutionists, etc. These individuals formed the middle echelon of the csa - lieu., cpts, etc., having the most contact with the privates or non-slave holding troops. Carmichael's use of christian righteousness as a basis for continued support of the confederacy even in the waining months of the war is an interesting discussion. The basic premise being if God is on our side hold can our cause be wrong. On the other hand, these same individuals seemed to change their principles in their golden years coming in line with the "old foggies" in order to substantiate their participation in the war is an interesting concept. In conclusion, Carmichaels book brings back memories of treatises which I read while in college. A good read to give the individual a sense of the college students etiologies in the south at the time.

Doc C

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