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 Posted: Thu Feb 8th, 2007 02:12 am
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Sword, Wiley, Firepower from Abroad The Confederate Enfield and the LeMat Revolver, Andrew Mowbray Inc., 1986.  Will give you some excellent info on the LeMat... wasn't all that common nor very popular.


As to the Spencer... There are several books out there w/ specifics on the Spencer but I don't know those titles... not really a Spencer junkie.


I can suggest: 

Reilly, Robert M., United States Military Small Arms 1816-1865, Eagle Press, 1970.  It's pretty much the holy grail for anything made in the US issued to US troops and has many details.  There are 3-4 books specifically on the Spencer which you should be able to find at some place like Dixie gunworks.


Good Luck

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